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Permaseal RB25 Turbo Downpipe Gasket

Permaseal RB25 Turbo Downpipe Gasket


  • Active Layers — the top and bottom outer or active layers are manufactured from NOK’s NBR pre-coated stainless steel ensuring excellent micro sealing of engine fluids with precision embossing around critical sealing points to provide additional fluid sealing performance. The use of pre-coated materials ensures greater control of the coating thickness for optimum pressure distribution over the entire gasket.
  • Control Layer — the centre or control layer is manufactured from steel and ensures the head gaskets overall thickness tolerances are met.
  • Stopper Layer* — manufactured from stainless steel and measuring only 0.15mm thick the stopper layer features a precision fold around the cylinder bores creating a load point around the combustion chamber. Combined with additional embossing on the active layers the stopper layer delivers truly superior sealing of combustion gases.

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